Monday, July 28, 2014

New York Times/CBS Poll: Brownback up by double figures


Right now in the Kansas Governor's Race, it's a tale of two polls.

A poll released last week by SurveyUSA indicated that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis was up by 8 points.

Over the weekend, a poll released by The New York Times and CBS shows that Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has a commanding 12-point advantage.

When including voters who are leaning one way or another, Brownback leads 52-40 percent.

In the New York Times/CBS poll, Brownback has a significant advantage over Davis in most demographics.

He leads by 14 points among senior citizens, a contrast with the SurveyUSA poll released last week.

Previous polls showed that Davis had the support of over 20 percent of the state's Republicans.

However, according to this newest poll, only eight percent of Republicans said they support Davis.

The poll also found good news for one of the state's other top Republicans - U.S. Senator Pat Roberts.

Roberts leads 40-31 over Democrat Chad Taylor. When including "leaners" in the results, Roberts' lead grows to 53-37 percent.