Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rasmussen Reports: Paul Davis leads Brownback by 10 points

By NICK SLOAN, nick@kansascitykansan.com

KANSAS CITY, KAN. ----- A poll from Rasmussen Reports has Democratic nominee Paul Davis up by 10 points against current Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback.

Davis leads Brownback 51 percent to 41 percent in the survey taken by Rasmussen.

In the survey, 51 percent of voters were polled. Five percent of voters were undecided, while three percent prefer a third-party candidate.

Brownback is behind Davis when it comes to two key issues for the state: Taxes and spending. Of those surveyed, 42 percent trust Davis on the issue of taxes more than they do Brownback.

Davis is more trusted on the issue of government spending, according to Rasmussen. On the issue of government spending, Davis leads 43 to 36 percent.

This is the third poll this summer that shows Davis with a lead. It's the first poll where Davis has earned the support of the majority polled. He led two separate Survey USA polls by six and eight points.

Brownback led Davis by 12 points in a New York Times poll taken late last month.