Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Roberts defeats Milton Wolf in GOP Senate primary


KANSAS CITY, KAN. ----- All eyes were on Kansas tonight as U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts defeated challenger Milton Wolf in Tuesday night's U.S. Senate Republican primary.

Roberts won 48 percent of the vote to Wolf, who won 41 percent. The remaining 11 percent went to candidates D.J. Smith and Alvin Zahnter.

Roberts earned over 125,000 votes.

In an interview with news reporters after his victory speech, Roberts said his new goal is to unite Republicans across the State of Kansas.

“We need the tea party. We need their passion,” Roberts told The Lawrence Journal-World. “They’re very upset with the direction of the country. I’m upset with the direction of the country. And we just have to know that we have to have a Republican victory to get that Senate back so we can stop the Obama agenda.”

While Roberts prevailed state-wide, Milton Wolf actually won the Kansas City metro area.

He won Wyandotte County by a 49-39 percent margin. He earned a slim victory among Johnson County voters and also carried Leavenworth and Miami counties.

Roberts will take on Democrat Chad Taylor and Independent candidate Greg Orman.