Wednesday, August 13, 2014

UG, BPU announce timeline for construction projects associated with Nearman power plant

Below is an update on a significant construction project being under-taken by the Unified Government and Board of Public Utilities.

More information:
The Unified Government and the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities are administering street and water infrastructure improvements along 55th Street/Nearman Road, north from Leavenworth Road to Dickinson Road.

These projects, which include resurfacing roads, as well as replacing water-mains that service the neighborhood, will benefit both area residents and businesses. 

These projects started in July 2014 and will be completed in coordinated steps over the next 6-8 months. In addition, a number of environmental controls to the Nearman power plant will begin in November due to new Federal environmental regulations, with a projected completion by 2016. 

BPU will be replacing a number of 50+ year old water mains along 55th street. Larger water lines (from 6"-8") will be installed resulting in better service, fewer breaks, and increased reliability for area residents.

Work began the week of July 14, 2014, with installation of new water mains expected to take 35 days. Abandoning of old mains and street restoration efforts should take approximately 20 working days,with water infrastructure upgrades completed by October 31, 2014. Residents will be notified before service transfer to new lines, and any water disruptions will be 30 minutes or less. 

The UG has begun prepping 55th Street/Nearman Road for street improvements. This includes resurfacing Leavenworth Road north to Dickinson Road, including removal of potholes, repairing crumbling street edges, and painting of road lines for improved safety and visibility. Estimated completion date for this project is spring 2015. 

In order to comply with new Federal air emission regulations, BPU must complete $250-million in environmental upgrades at Nearman power plant. These upgrades allow BPU to maintain a broad mix of generation capabilities (e.g. coal, gas, hydro, wind, methane, etc.), minimizing reliance on any single energy source while allowing the utility to better diversify and manage future energy costs. 

The air quality pre-construction will start November 2014, with project completion expected by 2016. This project will provide opportunities for local workforce and will likely benefit local businesses on the Leavenworth Road corridor. Smoother and thicker pavement will be able to handle increased construction traffic from this project.

Community Benefits
  • Water Main Replacement
  • Replacing 50-year old, outdated water mains
  • Reduces main breaks and improves reliability of water service
Road Improvements
  • Stronger, more stable surface to endure future traffic
  • Repairing potholes and road cracks, and repainting lines for improved safety
Nearman Power Plant Air Quality Upgrades
  • Reduced air emissions for the community
  • Revenue potential for local businesses and restaurants from construction workers