Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Traditional Republicans for Common Sense endorse Orman in U.S. Senate race

News Release:
SHAWNEE, Kan. — Independent U.S. Senate candidate Greg Orman announced today the endorsement of the Traditional Republicans for Common Sense, a coalition of Kansas Republicans who have served the state at every level of elected office.

Mr. Orman announced the endorsement Wednesday morning at the State Capitol in Topeka with three of the group’s representatives: Rochelle Chronister, a former state House member and past chairman of the Kansas Republican Party; Tim Owens, a former member of the state House and Senate; and Jim Yonally, a former state House member and current chairman of Traditional Republicans for Common Sense.

Traditional Republicans for Common Sense supports candidates at the state and federal level who embrace practical problem solving over partisanship, and their endorsement today of Greg Orman over incumbent Republican U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts is the group’s first endorsement in a U.S. Senate race in Kansas.

“The board of directors of Traditional Republicans for Common Sense has reviewed the qualifications of many candidates for office in the coming election. We believe Greg Orman is the best qualified candidate for the office of United States senator from Kansas,” said Jim Yonally, the group’s chairman.

“Our members know leadership because they’ve been in leadership. They’ve been on the front line, they’ve had to make the tough decisions. We think Greg Orman is the right leader at the right time to get our politics back on track and to get Washington working again,” said Yonally.

“I am honored and humbled to receive the support of Traditional Republicans for Common Sense. They believe, as I do, that the issues facing the country are simply too great for our politics to be tied in knots by partisan extremism and that we must get Congress back on track with pragmatic, common-sense leadership,” said Greg Orman.

“Their endorsement is further evidence of the broad coalition of Republicans, Democrats and independents who are joining our campaign because they are fed up with the broken politics in Washington,” said Orman.