Thursday, September 11, 2014

Turner School District denies descrimination claims against U.S. Senate candidate's wife

KANSAS CITY, KAN. ----- The Turner School District is denying claims that U.S. Senate Greg Orman's wife was discriminated against while she was an employee of the school district.

Orman's wife, Sybil, taught Spanish at Turner High School from 2009 until 2013.

In comments made to the "Women 4 Kansas" organization, Greg Orman said his wife faced discrimination at the school district.

“I also witnessed my wife Sybil plan lessons for her classroom, organize school fundraisers, put on pep assemblies, sponsor school dances, and lead many other school functions, yet she experienced the same prejudice in her work as a teacher,” said Orman.  “Sybil, who’s run more than 100 competitive athletic races in her life, apparently wasn’t competent to be the school sponsor of a 5-k race unless a male colleague co-sponsored it with her."

The Daily Caller, a right-leaning online publication, reached out to the Turner School District this week for comments.

The school district's full response from Turner Superintendent Michelle Hubbard:
“As a female Superintendent for the Turner School District, I must say I’m a little surprised that anyone would suggest women are treated differently than men in our schools,” Hubbard told TheDC through email. “As an employee of the Turner School District for 23 years, I have never felt as though I was treated any differently than other employees regardless of my gender.”

“As for the 5K,” Hubbard continued, “in Turner we are very fortunate to have a dedicated track coach that has worked for the district for more than 25 years.”

“He is very knowledgeable about running cross county events, track meets, and also 5K events. Any time a new staff member is placed in charge of an event similar in nature, our experienced employee is paired with them to assist and ensure the event goes off flawlessly, while also serving as a mentor for new, inexperienced employees, regardless of their gender.”
You can read The Daily Caller's full article here.