Monday, October 20, 2014

Cancer Patients, Survivors and Supporters Rally for Royals and BRA Day

KANSAS CITY, KAN.. – Cancer patients arriving for treatment at The University of Kansas Cancer Center have been sporting Royals caps instead of wigs or scarves.

“Inspiration comes from all kinds of places, people and things,” Richard Korentager, MD, chair of Plastic Surgery and Burns said. “Many of our patients light up talking about the home team and their recent ALCS success. It’s given them something to be happy about and root for as our patients know how to be winners.”

The patients and hospital are so supportive of the Royals they moved their BRA Day event scheduled for the official national day last Wednesday to Monday, Oct. 20, in order to not miss any games.

“We want to support the Royals as well as our patients battling breast cancer and arm the patients with important information,” Dr. Korentager said.

BRA Day stands for “Breast Reconstruction Awareness”.  Women these days have many more options for breast reconstruction including the safest generation of implants as well as options for reconstructing natural breasts using tissue from the patient’s belly and thighs.

The public is invited to celebrate BRA Day and participate in a LIVE lighting event.  Dogs are also welcome at this celebration as we recognize the companionship and healing powers they bring many of our patients. There will be hotdogs and burgers for people and treats for the dogs.

Wear pink as attendees will be asked to help form a pink human ribbon that will be lit using glow sticks. There will be tables of information about breast reconstruction options. Come learn, celebrate and cheer on our patients, survivors and the Royals.

The event begins at 5:30 p.m.-7 p.m., at 10720 Nall Avenue (I-435 and Nall).