Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Davis breaks fundraising record, releases new ad

Following news last week that House Minority Leader and candidate for governor Paul Davis is leading in most recent public polls, he filed his latest campaign finance report today. Davis broke the record for most money raised by a challenger in any Kansas race, ever.

The Davis/Docking ticket raised $2,069,840.36 in just three months.

For the entire campaign, the Davis/Docking team has set a record in fundraising for a challenger in a gubernatorial race raising $4,192,659.73. Never before has a challenger in any Kansas race raised this much money. The outpouring of support comes as Sam Brownback and outside groups spend more than $10 million to trying to smear Davis and rewrite the governor’s record.

“Our report reflects the deep concern Kansans have about the damage Sam Brownback is doing our schools and our economy,” Davis said. “And now Sam Brownback is running a disgraceful campaign full of lies and smears to try to stay in power. This is not the way we do things in Kansas. There is a better way. Kansans are ready to go in a new direction and restore Kansas.”

In just three months, the Davis/Docking campaign has received more than 8,000 individual contributions. The campaign has received more than 18,000 separate contributions since the beginning of the race.

Of the 8,861 campaign donors, 99.7 percent are individuals and they account for 96 percent of the money raised by the campaign. And 70 percent of the Davis/Docking contributions were for $100 less.

Statistics for the period (7/25 - 10/23):

Total raised: $2,069,840.36
Total number of contributions: 8,386
Percent of contributions that came from Kansas: 86 percent
Statistics for the entire campaign (through 10/23):

Total raised: $4,192,659.73
Total contributions: 18,986
Percent of contributions from Kansas: 89 percent
The Davis/Docking campaign also released a new television ad in all media markets this weekend. The ad contrasts the results of the failed Brownback experiment and Paul Davis’s commonsense approach to the budget and schools, as well as his recent endorsements.