Thursday, November 20, 2014

KCKCC’s 2nd-annual Turkey Games a Success

KANSAS CITY, KAN. ----- Despite colder than normal temperatures, Kansas City Kansas Community College’s 2nd-annual Turkey Games was an even bigger success than its inaugural event.

Joseph Mundt, wellness specialist at KCKCC’s Health & Wellness Center, said the goal of the Turkey Games, which was Wednesday at the Wellness Center, was to encourage KCKCC to become more active. Participants competed in several events including Pilgrim Broom Pushin,’ the Turkey Obstacle Course, Turkey Tossin’, Turkey Rollin’ Bowlin’, Pilgrim Sprintin’, Turkey Tailin’ and Turkey Shootin’.

No actual turkeys were used in the competition. Medicine balls represented the turkeys. There were 40 participants this year, compared to about 20 in 2013.

The Turkey Games even attracted the attention of local television stations. Both Fox 4 and KCTV 5 sent cameramen to get footage for the evening news.

“The Turkey Games show that fitness doesn’t have to be the same old exercises,” he said. “You can change it up with different, fun activities.”

Mundt said he thought the turnout was great, involving quite a few students as well as community members.

“I think the Turkey Games are such a fun event because all of the events are challenging and things that people usually don’t get to do,” he said. “Our staff has a blast putting them on and coming up with events that will challenge everyone.”

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