Friday, December 5, 2014

HEALTH: Flu shot remains your best flu protection even with mutated flu strain

Courtesy of KU Hospital

KANSAS CITY, KAN.—A physician at The University of Kansas Hospital is advising the public not to be overly concerned about the Centers for Disease Control announcement of a mutated strain of flu observed this year.

“It is true that the mutated flu strain will make a part of the vaccine less effective this year, but it is only one part of the three or four vaccines in the flu shot,” said Lee Norman, MD, chief medical officer of The University of Kansas Hospital.

“Even if a vaccinated person makes contract with the mutated strain, the current vaccine will likely make any flu illness less severe.  And if you have been vaccinated and has early indications of a severe flu, call your doctor, who could recommend some anti-viral medications,” said Dr. Norman.

Dr. Norman recommends getting a flu shot now, if you haven’t received one yet.  He said you could get one as late as the end of February and still be effective.