Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015 CANDIDATES LIST: UG Commissioner At Large, District 1

By NICK SLOAN, nick@kansascitykansan.com

KANSAS CITY, KAN. ---- Today was the filing deadline for races in Wyandotte County.

I will post all the candidates from each race in a separate post.

Below are the candidates for the UG Commissioner At Large District 1 seat.

This was the seat left open following Unified Government Mayor/CEO Mark Holland's election. Commissioners, after months of debating, failed to fill the vacant seat.

Seven candidates are running for the position:

  • Nathan Barnes
  • Melissa Brune Bynum
  • Mark Gilstrap
  • LaVert A. Murray
  • Tamika Pledger
  • Cristal Watson
  • Janice Witt