Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Yoder reintroduces bill that would cut salaries for Members of Congress

KANSAS CITY, KAN. ---- U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder has introduced two bills that would cut Congressional salaries and eliminate the Federal Employee Retirement System pension program for those in Congress.

More information:
Yoder’s first bill, HR 179, implements a five percent salary cut for all Members and eliminates the automatic Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) increases. Current law provides for an automatic COLA raise each year unless Members vote to reject the raise.

The second bill, HR 180, eliminates the FERS pension program for Members of Congress. Currently, all Members are required to participate in the system without the option of opting out. Then, the system pays pension benefits upon retirement to Members who served in Congress for at least five years.

Both bills have been referred to the House Committee on Administration and House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform for consideration.

“Since I have been in Washington, I have made it a top priority to restore trust and accountability between Congress and the American people,” Representative Yoder said. “In order to bring government spending under control, we must demonstrate to the American people that spending cuts must start with us. That is why I have reintroduced these two important pieces of legislation that will do just that.

“Tough economic times require all of us to sacrifice in order to rebuild our country. Most Americans have seen stagnant wages for years, and certainly do not have lifelong pensions. These bills allow Members of Congress to show real leadership in making those sacrifices to rebuild America again.”