Friday, February 6, 2015

Thousands sign unofficial Brownback recall petition

KANSAS CITY, KAN. ---- Following Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback's announced cuts to public education in Kansas, thousands of Kansans have responded by signing a petition supporting the recall of the governor. 

As of 1:30 Friday, over 18,000 individuals have signed the petition. 

The petition is not an official one, meaning that nothing will happen regardless of how many sign it.

However, the creator of the petition is seeking 20,000 signatures.

Below is the summary of the petition from the creator:
Many Kansans traditionally vote along party lines, which is why Brownback recently won re-election by a narrow margin.  
However, citizens are now realizing his policies are NOT in their best interests. Kansans overwhelmingly want good schools, good roads, and a government that is fiscally healthy and takes care of its obligations to all its citizens.  
While this is NOT an official recall petition, it IS a way for the citizens of Kansas to state that Governor Brownback's policies are detrimental to the future of Kansas and must be stopped.