Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Bonner Springs post high school planning guide prepares students for the future

BONNER SPRINGS, KAN. – Bonner Springs High School administrators are working to make sure students have a plan in place for their futures.

The school recently released a ‘Post High School Planning Guide’ which will serve as a blueprint for a student’s high school career and beyond.

The Bonner Springs High School administration worked closely with the school counselors to ensure the guide would provide options for students.

The booklet provides information, resources and a space to create a four-year plan for college degree seeking students, certificate/job training bound students and military/work force bound students. School officials say the guide prepares students and parents for the road ahead.

“This book is a great resource filled with relevant information to help guide parents and students in preparing for their futures,” said Lisa Terrell, Director of Counseling at Bonner Springs High School.

Plans for the future aren’t just being developed at the high school level; administrators at Clark Middle School are also working to adequately prepare students.

“Each eighth grader sits down and comes up with a four-year high school plan,” said Clark Middle School principal Rick Moulin. “We encourage them to think about the next couple of years and how they will shape the rest of their lives.”

Sixth and eighth-graders at Clark Middle School also take the ACT Aspire, a practice test for the actual ACT.

Moulin says this gives kids a chance to see the test format and prepare for when they take the ACT in high school.

“We’re all working together, as a district, to make sure students are given every opportunity to succeed.”