Wednesday, April 29, 2015

UPDATE: The Salvation Army response in Nepal

The Salvation Army is mobilizing emergency response personnel and supplies after a devastating 7.8-magnitude Earthquake in Nepal that flattened homes and buildings, causing widespread damage across the region and killing more than 2,000 people.

Here is the latest information on The Salvation Army’s Response:
  • The Salvation Army East India Territory's initial response is focused on emergency relief - shelter, water and sanitation - as well the emotional and spiritual support.  As the disaster unfolds and we move from emergency response to relief and recovery, our response will broaden and depend on the needs of the Army in the area.
  • Volunteers and staff are well prepared to service the immediate and long-term needs of those impacted by natural disasters. In Nepal, we have four Salvation Army centers, 100 members, one officer family, one outreach worker, and a group of at least 50 volunteers.
  • Five disaster specialists of The Salvation Army trained in emergency response will arrive in Kathmandu today.
  • Our office in eastern India, based out of Mizoram, India, has plans in place to send medical staff, pastoral staff to provide spiritual and emotional care, food, tents, and blankets. These goods and staff will make there way by road, which may be difficult due to road damage from the earthquake and ongoing aftershocks.  
  • Arriving staff will also be meeting with local authorities and international aid coordination mechanisms to join with other agencies in providing a coordinated response to those affected by the earthquake.
The Salvation Army World Service Office will support ongoing efforts.