Monday, May 25, 2015

‘Our Stories, Rosedale’s History:’ One Kansas City, Kan., community celebrates its past

KANSAS CITY, KAN. - On May 29, Rosedale Development Association (RDA) will be hosting, "Our Stories, Rosedale's History," a special historical exhibit featuring photographs and artifacts from Rosedale's past.

Rosedale, the community at the southeastern end of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kan. has seen a lot of change in the past 100 years. What once was a small town on the outskirts of Kansas City is now a vibrant and diverse part of the urban core.

With the new businesses and construction sprouting up around the University of Kansas Medical Center and near the borders of Rosedale, now is a fitting time for the exhibit.

“Learning about local history strengthens community identity by helping people see how they fit into the larger picture of Rosedale’s story,” said Adrianne Matlock, program evaluation specialist at RDA. “Our hope is that holding the exhibit and developing partnerships with the Wyandotte County Historical Society and University of Kansas Medical Center Archives will be the beginning of making historical photographs and documents more accessible to the Rosedale neighborhood of Kansas City, Kan.”

"Our Stories, Rosedale's History" will provide a special look at the many ways things have changed in the 66103 zip code and some of the ways Rosedale has retained its special identity. Development around the medical center has drastically changed the look of the area, but community favorites like Strasser Hardware and Dagwood's Cafe provide a sense of familiarity and stability. Plus, community members will have a chance to add their personal memories, photographs and mementos to the exhibit.

“This is not an exhibit about Rosedale Development Association,” Communications and Program Coordinator Andrea Steere said. “It’s a chance to remember the past of our entire community. In an effort to get the whole picture, we are putting together an interactive timeline where Rosedalians will be able to add the moments that meant the most to them.”

The historical exhibit will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. on May 29 at 1401 Southwest Boulevard. For more information about "Our Stories, Rosedale's History," contact Adrianne at 913-677-5097 or at