Wednesday, May 23, 2012

KCKFD statement on Central Avenue fire

The Kansas City, Kan., Fire Department released the following statement from last night's fire at 1215 Central Avenue.

Five people were injured; one suffered a seizure during the fire and another individual was taken to the hospital due to breathing issues.

Overall, $250,000 worth of damage was done to the structure and it was called a total loss.
Crews on the scene within 1 minute reported smoke coming from a 2 story, brick apartment building. Occupants were evacuating building upon arrival. Crews informed other residents still in building. Crews laddered building for search and rescue.

Crews located heavy smoke in the upper floor area. Fire crews performing search and rescue located 2 occupants on the upper floors, occupants were removed from the fire building and transported emergency to KUMC.

Crews confirmed all other occupants had evacuated. Majority of fire was to rear of building with extension to upper floors. Command sounded evacuation tones when rear of structure collapsed. All firefighters accounted for.

Fire was fought defensive mode from that time because of the unstable integrity of the building. Building consisted of 11 separate apartments with a total of 20 occupants.

Red Cross was called to assist all 20 occupants. BPU called to shut off power to building. Fire is under investigation. Building was a total loss with an estimated loss of $250,000.

Three other occupants were treated and transported to KUMC with minor injuries;one male had a twisted ankle and rib injury when he slipped while using the fire escape. One male suffered a seizure after evacuating.

One male with COPD wastransported for observations due to breathing issues from the smoke from the fire. No other injuries reported.