Thursday, May 31, 2012

PETA: Cows killed in crash should be memorialized


Just after the Memorial Day weekend was marked, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organization is requesting the State of Kansas to place a memorial sign at the location of an accident that claimed the lives of a few dozen cows.

On April 26, a cattle truck crashed along side Interstate 70 near 118th Street in Kansas City, Kan.

The truck, though never tipping over, caught on fire after the accident and killed 30 to 40 cows.

This week, PETA has officially requested the State of Kansas to post a memorial sign at the location of the accident.

"To ensure that no one forgets the suffering that animals endure for meat, PETA has asked Kansas officials for permission to place a memorial marker near the crash site," a news release reads. "This sign would not only caution those responsible for transporting animals of the need to treat them as vulnerable passengers but also remind travelers that thousands of living, feeling beings have their throats cut and are hacked apart each day so that people can enjoy a fleeting taste of their flesh."

Meanwhile, the man driving the cattle-truck was seriously injured after being ejected from the truck as a result of the crash.

Below is the sign PETA wants up at the location: