Friday, July 27, 2012

Google Fiber morning update: July 27


Late last night, Kansas City, Kan., had its second "Fiberhood" reach their pre-registration goal for Google Fiber.

The North KU Medical Center Fiberhood has exceeded its goal, becoming the second in KCK to do so.

The current Top 10 Fiberhoods in KCK as of this morning:

1. Hannover Heights (exceeded its goal)
2. Dubs Dread (90 more registrations required)
3. Piper Schools (157 more registrations)
4. North KU Medical Center (exceeded its goal)
5. Frank Rushton (0 more needed...but it has not turned green yet, so I'm not sure about that)
6. Plaza at the Speedway (174 more needed)
7. Open Door (99 more)
8. Strawberry Hill (14 more)
9. Delaware Ridge (180 more)
10. Pomeroy (64 more)

I'm not exactly sure why North KU Med is listed in fourth place despite meeting its goal before the second and third place Fiberhoods, but I'm going by the Website. 

All of the Fiberhoods in KCK can be viewed at this link.

Again, the cost to pre-register for Google Fiber is $10. The deadline is September 9.