Thursday, July 26, 2012

Google Fiber TV officially announced for Kansas City


Along with the high-speed Internet service coming to Kansas City, Kan., and Kansas City, Mo., a new television service is also on the way.

Google Fiber TV was introduced at today's special announcement held by Google.

Google Fiber TV will feature high-definition channels, along with a blue tooth remote control.

Other details - the ability to record 500 hours worth of television programs, including the option of recording up to eight TV programs at once.

"You don't have to settle for old-fashioned television anymore," said Patrick Pichette, chief finance officer of Google.

Google Fiber TV will also have "tens of thousands of shows" on demand and will have the ability to produce a WiFi signal.

"We're turning all the TVs in your home to a WiFi router," Pichette said. "There's no dead signal."

Packages for both the TV and Internet services will range from $70/month to $120/month. An initial $300 construction fee will also be required.

However, if residents agree to a multi-year contract, the construction fee could be waived.

More information on the announcement throughout the day.