Friday, July 20, 2012

Phoenix Theatres Legends 14 to examine safety measures after Colorado shooting


The shock-waves of the tragic movie theatre shooting in Colorado may soon be felt in Kansas City, Kan.

Phoenix Theatres Legends 14 said this afternoon that safety and security measures are being examined following a shooting in Aurora, Colo., that has killed at least 12 individuals and harmed at least 71.

"Our guests and staff's safety is our top priority and we are reviewing our safety and security measures to provide as safe an environment within our theatre as possible," the company said in a statement this afternoon. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and all those affected by these events."

The Wyandotte County theatre was packed at midnight for the release of The Dark Knight Rises one of the summer blockbusters.

Two theatre rooms were completely sold out.


On a side note, I was at the movie at midnight and multiple officers from the Kansas City, Kan., Police Department were on hand and helped escort all of the movie viewers out in an orderly fashion.

Whether that was a response to the shooting or common protocol for the theatre, there was a strong security presence at the movie at midnight.