Friday, August 31, 2012

Bonner Springs leadership wonders: Why no Google Fiber for us?

Kansas City, Kan., was the first city to be awarded Google Fiber.

Of course, KCK is just one of three cities located in Wyandotte County, joining Bonner Springs, Kan., and Edwardsville, Kan.

That point leaves some leaders in Bonner Springs wondering why Google Fiber hasn't been given to Bonner Springs even though it shares the same county with the initial city.

In this week's city council meeting in Bonner Springs, the matter was discussed, reports The Basehor-Sentinel:
Mayor Clausie Smith said that he and Edwardsville Mayor John “Tiny” McTaggart had written letters to Google with no response. He said because Kansas City, Kan., and the Unified Government landed the original deal for Google Fiber, the rest of the county deserved consideration.

“If we can go to Mission Hills, we ought to get the rest of Wyandotte County taken care of,” Smith said.
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