Friday, August 31, 2012

Google Fiber Update: KCK Fiberhood total nearing 40


It's been a fast and furious week for Google Fiber registrations in Kansas City, Kan.

When the week began, there were around 30 Fiberhoods that have reached their goals. Now, with under 10 days left before the registration deadline is up, more than half of the KCK Fiberhoods have turned green.

As of early Friday morning, 39 Fiberhoods have met their goals.

In my first update for Friday, I will post the Top 5 closest to reaching the goal in both the Google rankings and by number.

Top 5 according to the Google rankings:
1. Plaza at the Speedway, 17
2. Open Door, 30
3. Pomeroy, 24
4. Melrose, 56
5. Painted Hills, 24

Top 5 closest by number:
1. Southwest Boulevard, 6
2. Junction School, 7
3. Parkwood, 7
4. Memorial Park, 10
5. Grant, 11