Friday, August 24, 2012

Google Fiber: Thursday was a big day for KCK's Fiberhoods


While I haven't been keeping track of day-by-day totals, Thursday seemed to be one of the most active days in terms of Google Fiber registrations being made in Kansas City, Kan.

Three separate Fiberhoods joined the group on Thursday alone - and many more inched closer.

One of the biggest gainers was the Eisenhower Park Fiberhood. The Fiberhood entered Thursday 12 registrations away.

As the day ended, only two more registrations were made in the Fiberhood, meaning Google Fiber will likely be coming to Eisenhower Middle School and John F. Kennedy Elementary School.

Eisenhower Park is one of 10 Fiberhoods within 12 registrations of meeting their goals.

Those include:

Eisenhower, 2
Miland Pump Station, 3
Woodland, 5
County 5, 6
City Park, 8
Quindaro, 8
Prescott Park, 10
Central Middle School, 11
Memorial Park, 11
Central Middle School, 12