Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Google Fiber Update: Looking at the Fiberhoods that are in trouble


Most of our Fiberhood updates have concentrated on which ones were closing on in the pre-registration goal.

Today, I'm doing something a little different - looking at the Fiberhoods that are in trouble and may not reach the goals.

Some need a little help. Some need a lot of help.

For community activists who are looking to increase registrations and getting more Fiberhoods into the green, consider this an important read. It could help concentrate door-to-door efforts into a limited area.

These are the Fiberhoods that are in "yellow" on the Fiberhood map, meaning they're farther away and are on pace not to reach the goal.

The green Fiberhoods above are those who have met the goals and the orange ones are those closing in.

Here's the list of the yellow Fiberhoods in the order as they appear on the Google Fiber Website, along with the number of registrations needed:

Tauromee, 30
Rainbow Ridge, 35
Arrowhead, 233
Woodview Ridge, 59
Southwest Boulevard, 22
River Oaks, 168
Watchtower, 55
Armourdale, 75
Community College, 55
Bryant, 18
Sumner, 64
Banneker, 36
Coronado, 61
Splitlog, 36
N. 55th, 32
Memorial Park, 10
Quail Creak, 58
Forest Glen, 37

While finishing the job in the orange Fiberhoods is important, these are the Fiberhoods that should probably be targeted for the handful of community organizations that have been active in the registration process.