Thursday, August 23, 2012

The timeline of today's Amber Alert, double shooting

There was some confusion today in the event surrounding the Amber Alert being issued in the disappearance of Lorenzo Pulliam Jr., along with a double-shooting.

The baby's father, Lorenzo Pulliam, was identified as a person of interest in a double shooting that took place this morning in Kansas City, Kan. However, Pulliam had already surrendered earlier in the morning to the Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office in an unrelated bench warrant.

Below is the full timeline of this morning's events, according to the Kansas City, Kan., Police Department. Pulliam has been interviewed by police.

This is word for word of the statement just emailed to me by the KCKPD.
· At 0600 hours, Lorenzo Pulliam, a black male, date of birth 6/16/84, was identified as a person of interest in this case.

· At 0700 hours, information arose that seven month old Lorenzo Pulliam Jr. was missing.

· At 0822 hours, Kansas City, Kansas Police began broadcasting (via police radio and email) related case information to KCKPD officers.

· KCKPD investigators diligently followed leads to confirm Pulliam was a person of interest and Pulliam Junior was missing.

· Unbeknownst to KCKPD, Lorenzo Pulliam surrendered himself to the Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office on an unrelated warrant, this occurred at approximately 0845 hours. The Sheriff’s Office was unaware that KCKPD was trying to locate Pulliam at that time.

· At approximately 1007 hours, KCKPD investigators had confirmed that Pulliam was a person of interest and Pulliam Junior may be in danger. An entry was made into a metropolitan computer system to alert other agencies of this information.

· At approximately 1130 hours, KCKPD released a press release about an Amber Alert relating to Pulliam Junior. In the same time frame, KCKPD and FBI were following leads that would result in identifying the child’s whereabouts. Authorities responded to this location and safely recovered the child. The Amber Alert was canceled at approximately 1200 hours.

· At 1200 hours, the Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office was conducting further processing of Lorenzo Pulliam Senior. This entailed deputies running another computer check prior to his release on the aforementioned unrelated warrant. It was at this time they learned Pulliam was a person of interest, notified KCKPD, and Pulliam was interviewed thereafter.