Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Google Fiber Update: KCK hits 50


With just over four full days left to register for the Google Fiber high-speed Internet service, Kansas City, Kan., has hit a milestone.

The 50th Fiberhood met its goal on Tuesday, meaning the number of total Fiberhoods remaining is under 25.

The top five closest Fiberhoods to turning green in terms of numbers required: Welborn (8), Downtown (7), Turner Diagnoal (11), Memorial Park (9) and Painted Hills (17).

In terms of the top five according to the Google ranking: Melrose (25), Pomeroy (19), Painted Hills (17), Stony Point (22) and Tauromee Avenue (24). 

Along with the 50th Fiberhood milestone, KCK hit another milestone.

In order to turn the entire county green, fewer than 1,000 registrations are needed.