Thursday, September 27, 2012

KCK Public Schools names top employees for September

The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education honored two employees as Employees of the Month at their meeting on September 25, 2012 - Jacki Lloyd, paraprofessional at Coronado Middle School, and Bruce Haber, principal at White Church Elementary. 

Lloyd's nomination letter:

“It is my pleasure to recommend Ms. Jacki Lloyd as employee of the month.  Ms. Lloyd, who is affectionately called Ms. Jacki, has been a paraprofessional for over 33 years.  Since her arrival at Coronado Middle School 7 years ago, she has worked with our special needs students in the Life Skills & Autism classrooms.  Ms. Jacki demonstrates true passion for the education and well being of her student and her students respond to her expectations.  Her love of students extends beyond special education students.  Ms. Jacki can be seen around the school mentoring young ladies and encouraging them to be good students.  She also has positive relationships with teachers which makes her a valuable asset to our school community”.  Sincerely, Virginia Anderson & the Coronado Middle School Staff

Haber's nomination letter:

“Bruce Haber has been the Principal at White Church for the past five years.  Since his very first year, he has made it a priority to know the students by name and be in the classrooms on a daily basis.  Mr. Haber is an incredible leader with the staff!  His positive attitude and willingness to include the staff on different decisions, helps make White Church feel like a family.  He has a wonderful rapport with the parents as well.  Everyone knows he cares and always strives to give his very best to any and every situation!”  Sincerely,  June McKeever, Nurse, Merry Meli, Principal Secretary, Emily Dennis, Tina Wells, Jill Hegarty, Stacy Lybarger and Richie Bender, classroom teachers and Jessica Hannebaum, sped teacher