Monday, September 3, 2012

Parts of Wyandotte County received over six inches of rain last weekend

Portions of Wyandotte County received over six inches of rain this weekend as the remainder of Hurricane Issac's storm system delivered rain to the metro area this weekend.

Most of Wyandotte County received at least two inches of rain, but Eastern Wyandotte County and Southeastern Wyandotte County received the most rain.

The strongest portion of the storm just missed Wyandotte County, but no one is probably complaining too much.

Here's the full report from the National Weather Service.
A steady rain, falling for nearly 32 straight in some places, brought beneficial rains to the region as the remnants of what was once Hurricane Isaac drifted through central Missouri. As a tropical depression on Friday, Isaac slowly churned northward into Missouri, interacting with an existing front that extending from near Kansas City to Kirksville. An extensive plume of tropical moisture intersecting this front yielding a nearly stationary band of moderate to at times heavy rainfall that persisted during the afternoon and into the overnight hours. Even after the system had become post-tropical, Isaac continue to deliver a steady light rain to the region through much of the day Saturday as well before shifting into Illinois. In addition to the tropical feel to the air, this tropical system was far different than most storms that would have impacted the area during late August and early September. First was the absence of any thunderstorms. Second, pulsing gusty winds accompanied the rain squalls through much of Friday afternoon into early Saturday morning, with speeds of 35 to 40 mph observed around Kansas City. Thirdly, temperatures stayed rather warm despite the relentless rain, hovering the low-mid 70s.