Friday, September 28, 2012

President Lincoln subject of attention in KCKCC justice simulation

Dealing with the past was the focus of the first Transitional Justice simulation for colleges and high schools held at the Kansas City Kansas Community College on Saturday September 22, 2012.

The character of President Abraham Lincoln was at the forefront of the simulation.

“Which Lincoln do we know? The forward-looking Lincoln or the Lincoln we commemorate, or the Lincoln of the Lincoln Memorial? The real Lincoln is indeed a very complex character.” Dr. Ewa Unoke argues.

A total of seventy one students were in attendance. Twelve student delegates led by History teacher, Misti Stevens and Michael Stuart from Leavenworth High School attended.

Other students who participated came from Sumner Academy, Ruskin High School, KCKCC students and more.

Other attendees included; Karen Hernandez, former Board of Trustee member, Alvin Sykes of the Emmett Till Foundation, Professors John Ryan, Tom Hall and Curtis Smith.

Civil Rights activist Mary Martin also attended, while Barbara Clark-Evans, the Director of the Intercultural Center co-hosted the event.

Representatives of the sponsoring clubs were present also - Eva Bett, President, Students for Global Peace, Emily Scherer, President, Ralph Bunche Society, and Jared Hill of the Intercultural Center.

The model was designed to determine how the U.S. government and society deal with their unpleasant past.

The GTJ model was organized by Dr. Ewa Unoke, an Associate Professor of Political Science and Pre-Law programs at KCKCC.

“The Lincoln simulation on Saturday September 22, 2012, was one of the most unique experiences I have ever been a part of. Having the opportunity to participate in such event was an honor.  The most meaningful part of the whole simulation is that I was able to engage in conflict resolution debates. I will, therefore, be able to use this experience on daily bases. I would like to thank all the instructors and volunteers that made this event possible,” says, Ricardo Torres, President, KCKCC Student Senate.”

Professor Robert Meister, University of California Santa Cruz was the Guest Speaker while the civil rights activist, Alvin Sykes spoke during the closing session.

Students received several leadership and participation awards including Dr. Meister who received the “Freedom and Human Rights” plaque award.