Friday, October 19, 2012

Flunder withdraws from write-in candidacy


Kansas City Kansas Community College Board of Trustee Mary Ann Flunder has suspended her write-in campaign effort in the Kansas Senate District 4 race.

Flunder decided to withdrawal from the race in order to protect Wyandotte County's elected Democrats, she said in a statement this morning.

“Wyandotte County Democrats never have been under greater threat,” Flunder said. “Redistricting has put us Democrats at risk in two of the three Wyandotte County Senate districts. Any effort we can make – including my withdrawal from the Senate 4 race – to keep Wyandotte County solidly Democrat is worth it."

While Flunder calls for unity in the Democratic Party, she still warned Democratic incumbent Kansas Sen. David Haley about "taking nothing for granted."

“My team has reason to believe that David Haley got the message we intended,” Flunder said. “The fact that David is a solid Democrat vote in Topeka is important, and the main reason I can withdraw from the race in good conscience. But I sincerely hope that he understands, and takes seriously to heart, that his core constituency is extremely unhappy."

Haley is running against Republican challenger Joe Ward in the 4th District race.

Flunder thanked supporters in her statement.