Friday, October 19, 2012

KCKPD receives $3,000 grant from Sam's Club

News Release:
The Kansas City, Kan., Police Department has accepted a $3,000 grant from the new Legends Sam’s Club. The grant application was submitted by KCKPD, on behalf of the O.K. (Our Kids) Program of Kansas City, Kan.

The O.K. Program is a mentoring program coordinated by KCKPD Officer Michael Simmons. Officer Simmons’ responsibility is monitoring the grades and behavior of over 100 O.K. Program members, between Coronado Middle and F.L. Schlagle High Schools in Kansas City, Kan.

The goal of the O.K. Program is to serve as a catalyst to partner young black males with adult black males, to reduce the rate of incarceration, victimization and homicide amongst black males.

The O.K. Program was introduced to entities within Kansas City, Kansas in April 2011, by the Kansas City, Kansas Baptist Ministers Union. The Unified Government, Kansas City, Kansas Police Department and Unified School District 500 all signed on as supporters, after a passionate presentation by O.K. Program Founder, Donald Northcross.

We wish to publicly welcome Legends Sam’s Club to Kansas City, Kansas and acknowledge their willingness to help improve the quality of life for the citizens of our community.

And lastly, thank the staff at Legends Sam’s Club for supporting the O.K. Program of Kansas City, Kan., with a $3,000 award, which will enhance the program’s ability the fulfill quarterly and annual outings as incentives of achieving the program benchmarks of 2.5 GPA and good citizenship.