Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I70, K7 project scheduled for 2013

Hundreds of projects that will enhance traveler safety and preserve or expand the state highway system have been scheduled for the next two years.

More than 430 projects scheduled for the 2013-14 fiscal years will improve 1,600 miles of highway and replace or repair 209 bridges and interchanges.

The 2013 state fiscal year began July 1 and many of the projects are under way. The estimated cost of the projects is $1.1 billion.

“The majority of these projects are considered preservation work and will protect the investment Kansans have made in their transportation system,” said Kansas Transportation Secretary Mike King. “But there are also some big projects that will expand capacity on some of the state’s busiest corridors and spur economic development.”

Locally, one project will include work on Interstate 70 near The Legends in Western Wyandotte County.

Work will be done at the interchange areas of Interstate 70 and Kansas Highway 7. The economic impact of the $68 million construction project could end up being over $1 billion, according to K-DOT.

It will address the most congested movements within the existing interchange and replaces some deteriorated I-70 pavement. KTA will contribute funds for construction commensurate with the improvements gained to their maintenance responsibilities.   

All of the projects are part of the 2010 T-WORKS transportation program.

“These projects have an important role to play in the state’s economic recovery and that’s why Gov. Brownback included implementation of T-WORKS in his Road Map for Kansas,” Secretary King said.

“They will create jobs during construction and will provide the infrastructure business needs to operate efficiently and to grow.”