Friday, December 28, 2012

UG personal property tax notices being mailed

News Release

Personal Property Renditions will be mailed the beginning of January.

By state law, every person who owns or holds personal property must complete and return this form to the County Appraiser’s Office by March 15th. Penalty accrues five percent monthly up to 50 percent for failure to file.


In November 2012, Kansas voters approved an amendment to the Kansas Constitution that may affect watercraft owners.  The amendment simply allows legislation to classify watercraft for property tax purposes differently than the current market value with an assessment rate of 30 percent.

It is too early to know how watercraft in Kansas will be treated.  For tax year 2013, watercraft owners should continue to list watercraft with the county appraiser’s office on or before March 15.  Watercraft will be valued and taxed under current law by the county.

Watercraft should be listed in the taxing district in which it is located on January 1, unless it is in transit then it shall be listed in the taxing district where the owner resides (K.S.A. 79-304).

Property in transit includes watercraft located outside the State of Kansas on January 1, if such watercraft is covered by the federally approved numbering system administered by the Kansas Dept. of Wildlife and Parks.

If you own any personal property and do not receive a form or have any questions, please contact the Personal Property Dept. 573-8400 or visit our website at