Saturday, January 19, 2013

Haley not running for mayor

Kansas Sen. David Haley will not be running for Mayor/CEO of the Unified Government.

Haley's office announced his decision earlier this morning. 

Full statement below:

“After much consideration and with the unique challenges Kansas faces statewide now, I cannot abandon my commitment to continue representing the people of Wyandotte County at the state level."

“I appreciate the encouragement from throughout our County, but am keeping my promise to serve this term as Senator and not dilute my legislative service with a vigorous local campaign to succeed Mayor Reardon.”   

“Although not now a candidate for Mayor, my supporters will continue to push for greater inclusion for economic development in all parts of our County – like Indian Springs and Kaw Point and from windfalls like the Legends and the casino – to reduce property taxes and BPU / UG fees which continue to diminish the growth of our middle-income earners.”