Saturday, March 9, 2013

Barnes, Ash lead several announced endorsements for Murguia campaign

Unified Government Commissioner and former mayoral candidate Nathan Barnes has endorsed Ann Murguia for Mayor/CEO of Wyandotte County.

Barnes' endorsement Saturday leads the way for one of several announced endorsements for the campaign.

He came in a close third in the mayoral primary - just behind Murguia, who finished second - and is the first ousted mayoral candidate to make an official endorsement.

"When Ann came on board, it was really a breath of fresh air," Barnes said this morning. "When I would talk to her, she would listen."

Barnes was not the only UG commissioner to make an endorsement for Murguia this morning.

Along with Barnes, Murguia also received the endorsements of current UG commissioners Mike Kane, Angela Markley, Butch Ellison and Terrance Maddox.

Murguia also received a key endorsement from the law enforcement wing of Wyandotte County today. Wyandotte County Sheriff Don Ash also announced his support for the Murguia campaign. 

Others who endorsed Murguia's candidacy today:
  • Former Kansas City, Kan., mayor Joe Steineger
  • Former UG commissioners Don DeSeure and Mike Gilstrap
  • Former UG Chief Legal Counsel Hal Walker, who's also running for an at-large position on the UG Board of Commissioners.
After the "jump," a full list of the endorsements is available.

News Release:

Today we were grateful to be joined by our friends in labor, state, county, and municipal elected office as well as community activists from every corner of Wyandotte County. The message delivered was clear; Ann is the people’s choice for Mayor of Wyandotte County.

Her ability to work, with federal, state and local officials from both parties is unmatched, but it is her proven track record of reaching out to business, labor unions, non-profit and private sector organizations as well as citizens will allow her to continue moving Wyandotte County forward. Ann is a leader who understands what it takes to develop our communities and get things done for the people she serves. 

This is proven in the showing of support today from: 

Former Mayoral candidate and 1st District UG Commissioner Nathan Barnes

In addition to fellow elected officials:

33rd District State Representative Tom Burroughs , 37th District State Representative Stan Frownfelter, Wyandotte County Sherriff Donald Ash, Former Mayor Joe Steineger, 4th District UG Commissioner Terrance Maddox, 5th District UG Commissioner Mike Kane, 6th District UG Commissioner Angela Markley, 8th District UG Commissioner Butch Ellison, Former State Senator Mark Gilstrap, Former UG Commissioner at-large Don DeSeure, Former UG Commissioner at-large Mike Gilstrap, Former BPU Board Member Tom Lynch, Former State Representative and UG Commissioner, Elmer & Bonnie Sharp, Former UG Commissioner Vida Monday, Former Commissioner JJ “Doc” Swanson, Former UG Chief Legal Counsel Hal Walker, Bonner Springs Councilman Jack Knight, and Bonner Springs Councilman George Cooper. 

As well as businesses and community activists: 

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Bee Lee, Russell Wilson, Mary Ann Flunder, Ruby Jones, Roberto & Delia Marin, Dave & Millie Vega, Joy Beery, Alice Baslee, Carole Diehl, Lennis Adair, Maria Kline, Marilyn White, Tamika Pledger, Gary Wilson, James Connelly, Marcia Rupp, and Evelyn Larson.

 And our friends in organized labor: 

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 124, International Association of Firefighters Local 64, Tri-County Labor Council, Heavy Constructor Laborers Local 663, International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, and Fraternal Order of Police 4. 

Ann Murguia is the candidate with the skills and the visions to truly move the city and county forward. What is at stake in the election is more than just electing a new Mayor, but it is the opportunity to move Kansas City and Wyandotte County into the future by having a real plan to invest in smart economic development, improved infrastructure, stronger schools and local services, and increasing the opportunities and quality of life of all who live in the region. It’s about not only expanding on the success we’ve had, but having a legitimate plan for the future. Ann’s plan is centered on creating world class jobs, lower property taxes, economic development and new infrastructure.