Friday, March 8, 2013

Grassroots effort launched on Facebook to save 8th Street YMCA

The 8th Street YMCA in downtown Kansas City, Kan., is set to close on April 12.

However, KCK residents and other users of the 8th Street YMCA are not going out without a fight.

A Facebook page called the "Save the 8th Street YMCA" was launched today. So far, just over 30 people have "liked" the page.

"Our beloved 8th Street YMCA in downtown KCK is being closed," a statement reads on the page. "This branch of the YMCA that serves the all ages and races in our community is no longer an important part of the YMCA mission. Please join the cause to save the 8th Street YMCA."

(Note: I'm still trying to get more information about why the YMCA is closing. I'll update this post with information as I get it.)