Thursday, April 4, 2013

23-year-old mom charged with attempted murder of two children


A 23-year-old Kansas City, Kan., woman has been charged with two counts of attempted first degree murder after allegedly trying to drown her children in a bath-tub earlier this week.

Johnna Green is in custody of the Wyandotte County Jail as of today. She faces two counts after allegedly trying to drown a one-year-old girl (known as "J.G.") and a four-year-old girl, who Wyandotte County District Attorney Jerome Gorman labeled as "J.T."

Gorman said the two girls are currently in critical condition at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

"She held JT under water until she was not responsive," Gorman said.

Authorities reported to a home on 2925 S. 52nd Street on April 2 and discovered the two children. Gorman said the Kansas City, Kan., firefighters and officers provided immediate assistance to the children.

"There wasn't a great deal of time," Gorman said. "Both children were attended to very early after it happened."

Gorman said a 911 call was made from the home. However, he did not reveal who the call was from.

Both Gorman and Kansas City, Kan., Police Department Chief Rick Armstrong said the case is unique in nature.

"In my 31 years, I don't recall having a case like this," Gorman said. "There's been cases of national prominence, but I can't think of one that I've handled quite like this."

Right now, the state has custody of the two children. A hearing is expected Friday to determine the long-term custody of J.T. and J.G., who's real names were not given out during the press conference for privacy and legal reasons. 

This is the first time Green has been charged with a crime of any kind, according to Gorman.

Green is also expected to have her first hearing Friday. She is innocent until proven guilty.