Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Holland, other Kansas mayors urge immigration reform


KANSAS CITY, KAN. --- Unified Government Mayor/CEO Mark Holland is joining over 30 mayors in the State of Kansas in urging immigration reform.

Holland, along with 31 other mayors in Kansas, are circulating a letter that's been sent to the Kansas Congressional delegation.

Full text of the letter:
Dear Kansas Senators and Representatives:

As mayors of Kansas communities of every size, we are deeply concerned about the immigration problem that continues to plague our state and nation.

We are encouraged that the immigration issue has been advanced for congressional debate, offering some hope that a federal solution to this problem can be achieved.

We share the concerns of the Kansas Business Coalition for Immigration Reform regarding the need to protect our economy and workforce. The immigrant population of Kansas includes valued members of our community. We are supportive of a solution that allows reasonable access to citizenship while assuring adequate border security.

We also urge Congress to pay close attention to the impact of any immigration reform on local governments.  The risk of unintended consequences is always present in any major national initiative. Any immigration legislation generated by Congress, cannot burden local governments with extra law enforcement or administrative burdens. This federal problem needs a federal solution paid for with federal resources.

Federal legislation should not erode effective community policing programs that have created an atmosphere of trust between law enforcement and the immigrant population. That relationship is absolutely essential for maintaining public safety while assimilating the immigrant population into our communities.

With those concerns addressed, a federal solution to our immigration problem would be a welcome change that will allow our economies to grow while protecting the quality of life of our citizens.

Penny Bruckner,   Coldwater
Paula L. Schwach, Westwood Hills
Wayne Hidalgo, Lake Quivira
Jerry Wiley, Fairway
Richard T. Boeshaar, Mission Hills
Chris Morrow, Gardner
Jeff Meyers, Shawnee
Barb Shirley, Salina
Carl Gerlach, Overland Park
Michael Boehm, Lenexa
Mark R. Holland, Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City KS
Daniel P. Friesen, Buhler
Terry Somers, Mount Hope
Larry E. Wolgast, Topeka
Dennis Bronson, Stafford
William L Phillipi, Marysville
Ron Wood, Chetopa
Glenn Fischer, Oswego
Quintin Robert, Osage City
Vicki Howell, Belle Plaine
Carl Brewer, Wichita
Mary Olson, Marion
John "Tiny" McTaggart, Edwardsville
Kim Thomas, Stockton
Bart Hettenbach, Woodbine
John F. Ray, Abilene
Herbert Bath, Altamont
Brad Smiley, Canton
Gary W. Fisher, Moundridge
Raymond C. Mader, Russell
Joe Stephens, Syracuse
Lori Christensen, Leoti