Monday, September 30, 2013

Board of Regents announce 2013 fall semester enrollment

TOPEKA, KAN. - Preliminary fall enrollment figures released today by the Kansas Board of Regents show a system-wide decrease of 1.33 percent or 2,504 students across the state’s 32 public universities, community colleges and technical colleges.

The fall semester enrollment total is 186,190 as of census day at each institution, a preliminary headcount of students enrolled at each institution on the 20th day of class.

Enrollment increased at the state’s technical colleges, where an additional 472 students are enrolled this fall compared to the preliminary census day count in 2012.

Enrollment was nearly flat at the seven public universities (-123 students), and was down across the state’s 19 community colleges (-3,095 students). The attached spreadsheet outlines enrollment figures for each institution.

The total system-wide Academic Year enrollment for 2012-2013 was approximately 259,000.

Based on historical trend, the Kansas Board of Regents projects Academic Year enrollment for the 2013-2014 academic year to remain relatively flat.