Thursday, September 26, 2013

Leadership 2000 Class 27 makes large gift to PEV Center


Members of Class 27 of Leadership 2000 ended their year of civic leadership training this summer by holding a fundraiser to benefit the PACES Exchange & Visitation (PEV) Center. On Sept. 26, class representatives presented a check for $8,600 to PACES leadership.

The PEV Center is a program of PACES, the Wyandotte County agency providing services to address behavioral and emotional concerns of children and adolescents, and their families.

The PEV Center
provides supervised visitations and monitored exchanges for families involved in divorce and separation
cases and for families ordered by the Wyandotte County District Court.

Each year, members of the Leadership 2000 class choose a project. After PACES employees and Class 27 participants Dawn Diaz and Judi Rodman explained needs of the PEV Center, the class chose to adopt this program it as their project.

Members of the class held a benefit on Wednesday, July 31 at Breit’s in Kansas City, Kan. to raise funds for the PEV Center.

The benefit, along with a matching grant from the Leadership 2000 Board of Directors, netted Class 27 the $8,600 to present to PACES.


PHOTO: Representatives of Leadership 2000 Class 27 presented a check for $8,600 to the PACES Exchange & Visitation (PEV) Center on Sept. 26. Pictured left to right, Rachelle Stelzer, director of organizational development, Wyandot, Inc., and Leadership 2000 co-facilitator; Randy Callstrom, PACES executive director; Teresa Mata, attorney, McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips, and Class 27 graduate; Tiffany Alexander, PEV Center service coordinator; Judi Rodman, PACES service manager; and Mike Nichols, attorney and Class 27 graduate.