Tuesday, August 5, 2014

$50 energy audits from BPU still available

More information:
This year many Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) customers have taken advantage of the low-cost home energy audit program, with the potential of improving home efficiency while reducing overall energy costs. This initiative has been met with positive reception in the community, and appointments are still available for those who have yet to participate.

Energy audits are conducted by a certified auditor on a customer’s home to identify energy efficiency issues, cut costs, and benefit the environment.  
While other energy audits can cost up to $500.00, BPU offers this service to homeowners for a nominal $50.00 fee.  If the customer makes the recommended upgrades to their home within 90 days, BPU will refund the $50.00 fee – So the homeowner pays nothing.

On-site energy audits include the following: 1) a blower test to identify costly air leaks; 2) a Combustible Appliance Zone (CAZ) test; 3) up to 10 free compact fluorescent light bulbs; 3) recommendations for energy efficiency improvements, and; 4) development of an Energy Conservation Plan (ECP).

To schedule an audit today, call 913-573-9997 or e-mail EnergyAudit@bpu.com.  Appointments are limited and available on a first come, first served basis.

Home energy audits are exclusive to homeowners with a minimum of 12 months electric history with BPU.  The $50.00 appointment fee will be refunded by BPU when customers provide a Certificate of Project Completion.