Monday, December 22, 2014

KCK Police Department launches new feedback campaign focusing on officer courtesy


KANSAS CITY, KAN. ---- The Kansas City, Kan., Police Department has launched a new survey campaign to measure the courteousness of each police officer in its force.

Entitled "Safety First/Courtesy Always," the campaign will aim to promote and recognize officer courtesy. Currently, victims of crimes are able to take the survey.

Police are looking to expanding the survey as the calendar flips to 2015.

"We do want to incorporate this as broadly as possible, so at every practical juncture, citizens are given that opportunity," said KCK Police Chief Detective Vince Davenport . "I’m sure we’re going to find other ways to invite that type of feedback. In our opinion, the more the better."

Police say the campaign will help two-fold - increase and promote courtesy among its officers and to build trust in the community. 

Unified Government Mayor/CEO Mark Holland recommended the survey to be administered as much as possible, especially since some citizens will give negative feedback no matter what.

"Every officer…there’s going to be a certain percentage of the community that gives you a negative review for what you do," Holland said. "I think building it into every'll serve as a good model for our community. Every opportunity we have as a Unified Government to get feedback is good." 

Below are images of what the survey could look like, according to a UG agenda item: