Thursday, March 5, 2015

KDOT begins repairing potholes left after winter

KANSAS CITY, KAN. ---- In between storms during the winter #kswx season, as temperatures allow, Northeast Kansas KDOT maintenance crews are busy repairing those pesky little things call "potholes" that appear on our Kansas highways.

Potholes become even more prevalent on the highways during the winter months due to lots of precipitation and very cold temperatures.

In the next few weeks as warmer temperatures allow, KDOT maintenance crews will be completing pothole repair as needed throughout the Northeast Kansas region. KDOT maintenance crews repair potholes a couple of different ways.

Depending on the severity of the pothole and the current weather conditions, crews may repair the pothole with a cold patch material to quickly get it filled. This is a quick temporary fix for single potholes when they need addressed immediately.

A more permanent fix for potholes is the spray patching process where multiple holes are filled on an entire stretch of roadway.

Crews first break up and clean out loose debris from the pothole and then spray sealant and fill material into and slightly over the hole.

The fill material is lightweight aggregate that is coated with the sealant which helps the aggregate adhere or stick into the hole. Crews will spray the material to overfill the hole slightly as the material will settle into the hole over time.

See KDOT crews completing the spray patching pothole repair process in action via a short YouTube video: