Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kansas City Kansas Community College ESOL Students Celebrate Graduation

KANSAS CITY, KAN. ---- Graduation came early for 11 students in Kansas City Kansas Community College’s ESOL program when they were recognized for completing the program’s required classes.

“We are always very proud to see students complete their studies and progress to the next step in their life journeys,” said Liz Holloway, ESOL instructor at KCKCC. “Knowing English is the key to success in the United States. Students gain the confidence that they CAN succeed through their improved language skills.”

Denia Baide from Honduras and Novie Iraman from Indonesia spoke during the May 12th graduation ceremony. Both have been attending classes at KCKCC-Leavenworth.

“These two women have been in the United States for a year, while their husbands, who are officers in their own countries’ military forces are studying at Fort Leavenworth as guests of the U.S. Army,” Holloway said. “They spoke about the importance of making friends and improving their English through our class. Both described this as ‘the best year of their lives.’”

The goal of the ESOL program is to help students improve their English skills. Students can choose academic ESOL or adult basic education ESL classes, depending on their current fluency and personal goals. Students take the COMPASS ESL placement test upon their acceptance to KCKCC. The college uses those scores to determine which classes a student takes while in the program. Any student whose first language is not English or has not developed adequate academic English skills should meet with the ESOL department for assistance.

There are four levels in KCKCC’s program, allowing students to complete ESOL in two years. The program includes reading, listening and speaking, writing and grammar and vocabulary. During the first two semesters, students focus on language fundamentals and only take ESOL classes. Beginning in the third semester, schedules are more individualized, depending on the student’s fluency. Students who are able are given the option of taking classes outside the ESOL program.

“All students who complete our classes are ‘success stories,’” Holloway said of the program’s graduates, but “We were honored to have among our group this year, Kimberly Martinez, who plays on KCKCC’s volleyball team.  We were also honored by having Mohammed Alhamami, who has made our ESOL program a true ‘family affair.’  His wife and daughter graduated from our program in December, and his sister, son, two nieces and a nephew are currently attending our classes.”

For more information on the ESOL program, to enroll or to make an appointment, call 913-288-7625 or 913-288-7380. Students can also stop by the ESOL Office, Room 3415, during normal office hours. Information is also available by emailing Liz Holloway at eholloway@kckcc.edu.