Sunday, May 15, 2016

Six years of treating Royals players and their fans

University of Kansas Medical Center

KANSAS CITY, Kan. ---- Six Years of Treating Royals Players and Their Fans The Royals are back in town, hoping to get back to their winning ways.

When you go to a game at Kauffman Stadium, chances are you don’t think much about the other team that calls the stadium home…the healthcare workers who staff the first aid stations. But this team is every bit as important as the one on the field.

For the sixth season, The University of Kansas Hospital is taking care of, not only the players on the field, but the fans in the stands, with dozens of health professionals who staff two first aid stations.

They handle anything from sunburns to scrapes…to other more serious injuries and conditions. Dr. Vince Key, an orthopedic surgeon with the Sports Medicine and Performance Center at The University of Kansas Hospital, is also the head team physician for the Royals.

In the video, he talks about what it’s like taking care of, not just the major league team, but players from all of the Royals minor league teams, and the baseball academy in the Dominican Republic.

He also explains why taking care of the fans can be even more challenging than taking care of the players, but why doing both is, as he puts it, “A labor of love.”

The video also includes Dr. Key examining a player and shots of two first aid workers making their rounds through the stadium.