Friday, May 4, 2012

KDOT formally approves three Wyandotte County projects

The Kansas Department of Transportation announced this week that funding will be provided for three Wyandotte County projects.

The three:
Wyandotte – I-70 staging area west of 72nd Street, lighting, 0.2 mile, Total Electric Contractors, Inc., Edwardsville, $96,350.25.

Wyandotte – K-7 from the Kansas River bridge north to 1 mile north of the I-70 junction, 3.5 miles, asphalt surfacing, APAC Kansas – Kansas City Division, Reno Branch, Overland Park, $783,678.80.

Wyandotte – I-70 bridges 0.3 and 0.34 mile west of the Kansas-Missouri state line, bridge overlay, Truesdell Corporation, Tempe, AZ., $758,758.