Friday, August 10, 2012

Google Fiber Update: A glance at how the middle schools are doing


First, there's no new "Green Fiberhood" to report on today. No Fiberhood joined the club of 11 on Thursday.

Yesterday, I posted on how the high schools within the Fiberhoods in Kansas City, Kan., are doing. Today, you get to see how the middle schools are shaping up.

These numbers might be off by two or three by the time you see them. It took me a little while digging up all the middle schools, so the numbers might be a few off due to the time. Forgive me.
  • Anyway, let's start with the two middle schools that have secured Google Fiber - Rosedale Middle School and Resurrection Catholic School. It's all good for both schools. 
  • Piper Middle School is 15 registrations away as of Midnight on Friday morning. The Piper Schools Fiberhood has added a handful of registrations a day, so I imagine Piper Middle School could come off this list within a week.
  • Turner Middle School, meanwhile, is inching pretty close to the finish line. Their Alvey Park Fiberhood is just 16 registrations away and like the Piper Schools Fiberhood, there's been enough registrations over the past few weeks to make me feel confident about that happening. 
  • I'm going to include the KCK Public Schools District's middle schools together. Eisenhower Middle School (located in Eisenhower Park Fiberhood) is 48 registrations away. Central Middle School (Central Fiberhood) is 21 registrations away; Argentine (Silver City) is 45 away; Northwest Magnet School (Klamm) is 34 away; West Middle School (William White) is 47 away, Coronado Middle School (Coronado) is 72 away and Arrowhead Middle School (Arrowhead) is a whopping 270 registrations away. Again, Rosedale has already exceeded the goal. 
  • The Kansas School for the Blind is 83 registrations away. They're located in the Downtown Fiberhood. 
  • Private/Religion Schools: Christ the King (Welborn Park) is 52 registrations away; Our Lady of Unity (Junction School) is 33 away; Holy Name Catholic (Southwest Boulevard) needs 24 more and Lindsay Seventh Day Adventist School (Kennsington) is 42 away. Resurrection Catholic School is good to go.  
All Fiberhoods are in parenthesis above.

I believe those are all the middle schools in KCK that are listed as Fiberhoods. St. Patrick's School and Muncie Christian Elementary School do not have Fiberhoods based on the map there, so I'm not sure what happens for them.

If I'm wrong, please comment or email me at To see the entire ranking and list of Fiberhoods, check it out here.