Friday, September 28, 2012

KCK Preps Game of the Week Preview: Schlagle Stallions at Wyandotte Bulldogs


Ah, the old-school Schlagle-Wyandotte rivalry is back, at least for one season. will be broadcasting tonight's Schlagle-Wyandotte game live from Wyandotte High School. David Brox and I will kickoff the pregame show at about 6:30 p.m. 

Wyandotte comes into the game following a disappointing loss to Atchison, while Schlagle has won two games in a row following a loss to Shawnee Heights.

Both teams are 3-1 overall, while Schlagle is undefeated in the Kansas City Kansas - Atchison League. Wyandotte is 2-1.

The Stallions have won eight straight games inside the KCKAL dating back to 2010.

Here are some keys to keep that streak going.

1. Wyandotte needs to limit J'veyon Browning some way, some how. Browning, through four games, is my MVP of the Kansas City, Kan., football season. And with good reason - 11 touchdowns through four games is almost three a game - which is crazy. Shawnee Heights proved that if you could limit Browning's damage, you have a very good chance of winning. Wyandotte HAS to limit Browning in order to win. Has to - there are no "if's and but's" about it. If you limit Browning, you limit Schlagle's offense. Browning is the blood of the Schlagle offense - cut off the supply and there's a good chance the team loses. But if the heart of the Schlagle offense is pumping, good luck beating the Stallions.

2. Trevon Wallace and De'Ante Ambler will have to come up big on defense for Schlagle. Dimonic McKinzy is the best player Schlagle's defense will play up to this point. McKinzy is Wyandotte's sensational quarterback who can burn you in both the air and on the ground. Being one of the best linebackers in the city, Wallace will likely have a big responsibility in stopping McKinzy. Whether it's being a possible quarterback spy or dropping back into coverage, Wallace should have a big role in tomorrow's game defensively for Schlagle. Ambler, meanwhile, has stepped up at the cornerback position and he'll likely have to keep his guard up in Wyandotte's offense.

3. Field position will be big in this game. Wyandotte's Antonio Moore has been one of the biggest stars in the return game for any team in the Kansas City metro area. He has the capability of a big return each time he touches the ball. If Schlagle can limit Moore on special teams, that would be huge. But if Moore can break off some nice returns throughout the game, including a possible touchdown, Wyandotte could have some short drive opportunities.

4. Can Wyandotte win a big game? This may sound a bit mean, but Wyandotte does not have that signature victory quite yet this season. Last week against Atchison, the Bulldogs failed to continue their momentum and Schlagle is a big, big step up from Sumner Academy, Harmon and Van Horn. The Bulldogs have improved significantly the last three years under head coach Eddie Brown, but the program needs that victory that can spark them on to bigger things. Beating Schlagle and taking a share of the KCKAL lead would be huge for the Bulldogs.

5. While last year doesn't matter for this year's game, it should be noted that Schlagle put up over 60 points on the Bulldogs last year and most of that Schlagle team is back. The Stallions are an experienced team that's dominated the KCKAL the past one-and-a-half seasons. They know how to win in the city and they've taken care of business. Wyandotte has a bunch of new playmakers on this year's team, but will it be enough to turn around the result this year?

6. Keep an eye on Wyandotte's offensive line. The "Schlagle Hogs" are well-known throughout this city, but it's the Wyandotte Bulldogs offensive line that could swing the result Friday night. If they do a good enough job against an underrated Schlagle front seven, the Bulldogs will have an opportunity to pull the upset. If Schlagle can put some pressure on McKinzy and fluster the Wyandotte offense, the Stallions have a great chance of leaving Wyandotte with its ninth straight league victory.