Friday, June 14, 2013

KCK firefighters raise $40K for Moore, Oklahoma tornado victims


As they did following the tragic tornado in Joplin, Mo., Kansas City, Kan., firefighters sprung into action when they had an opportunity to help victims from the recent tornadoes in Moore, Okla.

After raising around $18,000 for the tornado victims in Joplin two summers ago, the Kansas City, Kan., Fire Department raised over $40,000 for the Moore victims during a Memorial Day Weekend drive.

According to KCK Fire Department firefighter Steve Littlefield, the donation total was much higher than initially expected.

"We had people give us $50 and $100 bills on street corners," he said. "We thought we could raise $20,000, maybe $30,000. When I got a check for $40,000 from the bank, I was amazed."

Firefighters stood on streets during the recent three-day Memorial Day holiday weekend.

All money has been donated to the Eastern Kansas Chapter of the American Red Cross, where it will be used for relief efforts in Oklahoma.

"We've always had a great relationship with the fire department," said Patrick Sallee, a fundraising representative from the American Red Cross of Greater Kansas City. "After Moore, they wanted to do a fundraiser for the victims."

"Kansas City is a very generous community."

Nearly 400 people were injured in the Moore tornado, with 24 confirmed deaths resulting from the Moore tragedy.

It's estimated the tornado caused over $1 billion worth of damage.